Personal Training to focus on your individual goals and fitness levels. Improve your fitness in a targeted and focused manner.

Not sure how Fitwise can help you achieve your training goals. Chat with us for free today. We will map out a weekly plan to set you up for success! Need some motivated to get started? Kickstart your health and fitness with our 21 day back on track program. Achieve the results you have always wanted with our 8 Week Challenge. Transform your body and mind.

Personal Training

1:1 Personal Training to target your fitness goals, be pushed to be your best.

Our 1:1 Personal Training aims to focus on your individual fitness levels. Improve your fitness in a targeted and focused manner. Drive yourself to be better with a trainer right by your side to keep you accountable and ensure you are putting your all into every session.

8 Week Challenge

Transform your body and mind with our 8 week fitness transformation challenge. Achieve the results you have always wanted!

Incorporate fitness and nutrition for a short 8 weeks to achieve incredible results! Through a range of cardio and strength exercises you’ll become fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before!

21 Day Back on Track Program

Our Back on track program will set you up for success! Exercise is one piece of the wellbeing puzzle. Come along and we will set you up with all the missing pieces. Make a wise choice for you.


Get Motivated and Let's Get Started!

Individual Fitwise Consultation

Not sure how Fitwise can help you achieve your health and fitness priorities? Book in for a Free Consultation with one of our expert Trainers.

Chat with one of our Fitwise Trainers while we explain the solution to your health and fitness needs. We will map out a weekly plan to set you up for success. A program based on the support and guidance you desire!

Fitwise Online

Fitwise online provides support, guidance and structure to our clients. With this option it allows our members to have access to our trainers to be guided through their workouts to stay on track and achieve their goals. We run these sessions via Zoom providing the motivation to get you moving from the comfort of your own surrounding. No equipment needed for these workouts!

Benefits of Training with Fitwise PT


Your goals are our Motivation! We’re here to support you through your fitness journey.


Education is fundamental in change. We provide the latest in physical, nutritional & mindset training in order for you to succeed.


Structure is a two-way system. We provide the system and you make a commitment. We'll help you be accountable all the way.

The Fitwise Way

How It Works...

We celebrate when you take the first step to a healthier you by getting started! At Fitwise PT we have a strong 4 step system that will get you improving yourself mentally and physically.


Know your base and move on up through exercise and nutrition.

Implement the program:

We find what motivates you and focus on what is most important to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Achieve more, redefine your goals:

Goals can change, we focus on your health and wellbeing to ensure you stick to your new lifestyle and stay motivated.

Becomes a lifestyle:

Health and Improvement does not stop and neither do we


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